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Experimental Physics I


I will teach Experimental Physics in this course. I have designed thiscourse in three modules:(I) Experimental Physics-I : Experiments on Mechanics, Generalproperties of matter, Thermal properties of matter, Sound, Electricityand magnetism.(II) Experimental Physics-II : Experiments on Optics and ModernPhysics.(III) Experimental Physics-III : Experiments on Solid state physics andModern Optics.:Each module is of 30 hours course and at present we will discuss onlymodule-I. Module-II and III may be discussed in successive semester.This course is not only suitable for undergraduate students of physics,rather it is compulsory for all undergraduate students of science,engineering and technology , who have to deal with instruments inany point of time during their carrier and profession. This course willmake you understand the working principle of many common devicesthrough their applications in different experimentswith particular aims.Also this course have positive feedback for the national levelexaminations like GATE, NET, JAM and JEST conducted by IIT,UGC/CSIR, IIT and SERB, respectively.

B. Sc in Physics / all scienceBE/BTech in all Engineering and Technology




INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Experimental physics has the most striking impact on the industrywhere ever the instrument s are used . The industries of electronics,telecommunication and instrumentation will specially recognize thiscourse.

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After completion of B. Sc (Hons) in Physics and M. Sc in Physics in1994, I did Ph. D on experimental physics and material science fromInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. After completing post-doctoralresearch on experimental physics from Paul Drude Institute, Berlin,Germany, I joined as a Faculty in Department of Physics, Indian Instituteof Technology Kharagpur in 2004 and teaching different subject to UGand PG students including experiments in teaching laboratory all levelsststarting from 1 year of B. tech/ B Sc/integrated M. Sc to Ph. D. Prior tojoin here, I took experimental physics laboratory for four years to B. Scstudents in an undergraduate college named Malda College under NorthBengal University, West Bengal.


Week 1  :  Basic tools in a laboratory
Week 2  :  Basic apparatus in a laboratory
Week 3  :  Basic analysis of data in a laboratory
Week 4  :  Experiments on Mechanics
Week 5  :  Experiments on General properties of matters
Week 6  :  Experiments on Thermal properties of matter
Week 7  :  Experiments on Thermoelectricity and Sound
Week 8  :  Experiments on Electricity
Week 9  :  Experiments on Electricity
Week 10  :  Experiments on Electricity
Week 11  :  Experiments on electromagnetism
Week 12  :  Experiments on electromagnetism  
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  • Final score will be calculated as : 25% assignment score + 75% final exam score
  • 25% assignment score is calculated as 25% of average of  Best 8 out of 12 assignments
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