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Design Thinking - A Primer


Design thinking is a systematic method of solving problems. This method is unique that it starts and ends with humans. The design thinkers start by observing, interviewing or just plain experiencing a situation. Then, they proceed to improve the situation of the humans by solving problems for them.





INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Many industries and institute recognize the need for design thinking - e.g., ICT, manufacturing, sales, marketing

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Dr. Bala Ramadurai is an independent innovation consultant and professor. He has 3 patents to his credit and 10+ publications in international research journals. He co-founded TRIZ Innovation India (http://trizindia.org) and is an Adjunct Professor at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, India.He has a PhD from Arizona State University, USA, and a B.Tech from IIT Madras, India.

Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam joined the faculty in the Building Technology and Construction Management division of the Civil engineering department at IIT-Madras in 2006. Ashwin received his B.Tech in Civil engineering from IIT-Madras and then proceeded to Stanford University for a Masters in Construction Engineering and Management. He then helped start up an internet based company in the USA called All Star Fleet, aimed at providing asset management services for construction companies. Following this he returned to Stanford University to pursue a PhD in the area of Infrastructure Project Management. Ashwin's research interests are in the areas of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Infrastructure, the management and governance of large engineering projects and the use of digital technologies in construction. Ashwin's current research focuses on institutional strengthening and post-award governance of PPP projects in India. Ashwin is also a co-founder of Okapi Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd and serves as a Director on the Board.


My name is Siddharth Maturi, and I am a Technology Evangelist & CEO at Knoin Electronics Pvt Ltd. I have an M.B.A. from SIBM, Pune; Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Machine Design and Analysis.

I specialize in Research & Development of latest technologies, innovate on existing State of Art hardware, where I develop new products and services around these technologies which would ease the day to day usability and applications of end users. I am currently working towards developing a revolutionary product that would change the way how students write/study at school and how examinations are being conducted at Institutions (for more details, please visit: www.knoin.org); where I ensure that software solutions and hardware products meet business goals by managing services through the stages of alpha, beta, production, and sales.

Lately, I have become a Design Thinking practitioner where it has helped me to re-invent myself towards how I perceive problems at different situations and proceed about solving them.


Week 1  :  Introduction to Design Thinking
Week 2  :  Empathize Phase: Customer Journey Mapping
Week 3  :  Analyze Phase: 5-Whys and How might we... 
Week 4  :  Solve Phase: Ideation: Free Brainstorming & Make/Test Phase: Prototype


Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society by Prof. Karl Ulrich, U. PennChange by Design by Tim Brown.
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