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Principles Of Human Resource Management


Management of human resources is the most important function in any organization. It is essential to achieve a balance between caring for one’s employees, helping them work to their maximum potential and achieving the goals of an organization through the work the employees put in. This course is specifically designed to sensitize students who are preparing to enter the workforce to issues related to workforce management.


Elective, UG, Bacher of Business Management, Bachelor of Management Studies, Management Elective during BE.


Any student who has passed class XII

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Prof.Aradhna Malik earned her Masters in Child Development from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India and PhD from University of Denver, USA. She has been serving Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as faculty in the School of Management since 2008. Aradhna teaches intercultural communication, business ethics and organizational behavior to Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral level students. Her research and academic interests include, ageing, orality, human technology interaction, intercultural communication, communication disorders, management of public health and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).


Weekwise topics

Introduction to HRM
Staffing / Recruitment : Job Analysis and Design, Human resource Planning / Recruitment, Employee Testing and Selection, Interviewing Candidates
Performance Management and Appraisal Process : Performance Appraisal Process / Types of Performance Appraisal / Performance Evaluation / Performance Feedback
Training and development : Training Process / Need for Training / Training Methods / General and Specific Training/ Training evaluation
Managing Careers : Basics of Career Management / Career Planning / Succession Planning/ Career Development / Promotions and Transfers / Employee Commitment
Implications : Implications of the above in real life
Compensation Management : Components of Wage Structure / Wage and Salary Administration / Compensation Structure / Compensation Benchmarking / Internal and External Parity / Competency based pay
Pay for Performance and Incentives : Competency / Performance based pay / Variable pay / Team or Group base pay / Incentives / Managerial Incentives / Fringe Benefits
Benefits and Services : Retirement / Insurance / Flexible benefits
Employee Relations : Ethics, Justice and Fair treatment in HR / Collective Bargaining /Employee Safety and Health / Managing Global Human Resources / International HRM
Strategic Human Resource Management and HR Scorecard :Linking people, strategy and performance 
a. HR – Strategic Partner
b. Creating an HR scorecard
c. Measuring HR alignment

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