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Principles of Casting Technology

About the course

The course focuses on understanding the basics of science and technology of casting processes. Metal casting industries have evolved during the past hundred years because of advancements in technologies. The properties of the cast metals significantly depends upon the type of molding, melting, solidification and post treatment practices. This needs to be understood by the young students as well as practicing shop floor engineers so that products with superior qualities can be cast. The basic purpose of this course is to provide a sound understanding of concepts and principles of casting technology so as to enable them to be conversant with advances in these methods in the long run towards increasing the productivity of casting industries.

Intended audience


It is a core course for UG and PG both.


Industries that will recognize this course
Casting Industries like BHEL, Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, Foundry units of medium and large sizes

3068 students have enrolled already!!

Course Instructor

Dr. Pradeep K. Jha is presently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at IIT Roorkee. He has been teaching the course related to casting technology to undergraduate students of 2nd year, third year and postgraduate students for more than 12 years. He is actively involved in research work related to continuous casting and casting of metal matrix composites.

Course Plan

Week 1: Introduction to Casting technology, Solidification analysis for metals and alloys

Week 2: Technology of patternmaking, study of molding sands and their testing methods

Week 3: Technology of mouldmaking and coremaking, Special sand moulding processes

Week 4: Principles of gating design for castings

Week 5: Principles of risering design for castings

Week 6: Special casting methods, Melting furnaces

Week 7: Melting and pouring practices for production of Cast Iron family, steel and non-ferrous metals and alloys

Week 8:
Fettling and Heat treatment of castings, Casting defect and its diagnostic methods

Suggested reading

Heine, R.W., Loper, C.R., and Rosenthal, P.C., “Principles of Metal Casting”, TMH
Ghosh, A., and Mallik, A.K., “Manufacturing Science”, Affiliated East-West Press Pvt. Ltd.
Jain P. L., “Principles of Foundry Technology”, TMH
Chakrabarti, A. K., “Casting Technology and Cast Alloys”, PHI

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