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“Intelligence quotient (IQ) gets you hired but emotional quotient (EQ) gets you promoted”. This popular quote by Times magazine during late nineties has made the concept of emotional intelligence more popular among people by highlighting its multiple implications and applications. The uses and utility of emotional intelligence at home, school and workplace have benefited thousands in many disciplines. This course is designed to sensitize the participants about the concept, theory and applications of emotional intelligence. The participants will get to know the added advantage of EQ the software of the brain over the hardware (EQ). This programme will also explore how our hearts rule over our heads for creative creation. It will also focus on how various principles of emotional intelligence guide us in different contexts of life. The awareness about the credo of emotional intelligence will develop insights into self-regulation and realization of one’s optimum potentials for better performance. The participants will come to know about many unknowns of life, which will further help them to enhance their awareness to be effective on their roles. The course will offer useful lessons with the help of practical exercises, games, audio-visual instruments, case studies, classroom interaction to show the road map how to foster emotional intelligence in organisation for achieving health, happiness and optimal performance at work.




INTENDED AUDIENCE:Engineering,Management,Social Sciences and Law students


Human resource management division, training & development division of both manufacturing and service industries, MBA and HRM students

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Rabindra Kumar Pradhan is currently working as associate professor in the department of humanities and social sciences, indian institute of technology kharagpur. He is currently working in diverse areas of behavioral sciences and human resource management. He is actively involved in teaching, training & research in the fields of positive psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, human resource development and management, and organizational behavior. He has 18years of experience in teaching, research and training. He has published 02 books on emotional intelligence, 01 book on human resource management and 01 book on human development through training. He has also published more than 70 journal articles and 22 book chapters. His research papers/ articles have been published in international journal emerald insights, inderscience publishers, sage, springer, taylor & francis, etc. Recently, dr. Pradhan has been awarded with the “best trainer award-2012” by istd, hyderabad and “best teacher award-2013” by istd, kolkata for outstanding contribution in training & hrd. Some of his research papers have been awarded as “best paper” in icom-2015, abu dhabi and ibrc-2015, india.


Week 1: Introduction to emotion, intelligence & wisdom

Week 2: Concept, theory, measurement and applications of intelligence

Week 3: Emotional intelligence: concept, theory and measurements

Week 4:
Correlates of emotional intelligence

Week 5:
Emotional intelligence, culture, schooling and happiness

Week 6:
For enhancing emotional intelligence EQ mapping

Week 7:
Managing stress, suicide prevention, through emotional intelligence, spirituality and meditation

Week 8:
Application of emotional intelligence at family, school and workplace

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