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Non-Conventional Energy Resources


This course looks at the operating principle of a range of non-conventional energy resources, materials used, characterization, and key performance characteristics. The technologies looked at will include, Solar energy, Wind, Batteries, Fuel cells, and Geothermal conversion. The advantages and limitations of these technologies in comparison to conventional sources of energy will also be examined.



UG/PG:Higher Semester UG and PG

PREREQUISITES: Course will be accessible to most students who have completed their first two years of study at an Undergraduate level.


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Prof. Prathap Haridoss is a Professor in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at IIT Madras. He works in the areas of Fuel Cell and Carbon nanomaterials. He has a B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Madras, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Before he joined as a faculty at IIT Madras, he served as a Senior Scientist at Plug Power, a Fuel Cell company in New York. He has 3 US patents, several International Journal publications, and has published a book titled “Physics of Materials, Essential Concepts of Solid State Physics”


Week 1  : Scale of quantities, Impact of current energy usage, Conventional sources of energy
Week 2  :  Overview of non-conventional energy resources, Consumption by sector
Week 3  : Solar energy incident on earth, solar spectrum
Week 4  :  Overview of solar energy technologies, Solar Thermal devices
Week 5  :  Solar Photovoltaic devices, Performance and durability of solar devices
Week 6  :  Wind energy, technology and geographical aspects
Week 7  :  Geothermal and Biomass
Week 8  :  Battery basics, types
Week 9  :  Testing, performance of batteries
Week 10  :  Fuel cell types, Fuel processing, concept to product.
Week 11  :  Characterization and durability of fuel cells
Week 12  : Flywheels and super capacitors

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