Introduction To Haskell Programming

By Prof.S.P.Suresh & Prof.Madhavan Mukund   |   Chennai Mathematical Institute
Learners enrolled: 1949
Functional programming is an elegant, concise and powerful programming paradigm. This style encourages breaking up programming tasks into logical units that can be easily translated into provably correct code. Haskell brings together the best features of functional programming and is increasingly being used in the industry, both for building rapid prototypes and for actual deployment. 

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any one interested in learning this language 
INDUSTRY SUPPORT:  Would be useful in any industry requiring a good understanding of programming, algorithms and data structures.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Elective
Duration : 8 weeks
Start Date : 26 Aug 2019
End Date : 18 Oct 2019
Exam Date : 16 Nov 2019 IST
Category :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
Credit Points : 2
Level : Undergraduate

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Course layout

Week 1: Introduction to Haskell and the ghci interpreter
Week 2: Defining functions: guards, pattern matching and recursion
Week 3: Lists, strings and tuples
Week 4: Types and polymorphim
Week 5: Higher order functions on lists: map, filter, list comprehension
Week 6: Computation as rewriting, lazy evaluation and infinite data structures
Week 7: Conditional polymorphism and type classes
Week 8: User defined datatypes: lists, queues, trees
Week 9: Input/output and the ghc compiler
Week 10: Arrays

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Instructor bio

Prof.Madhavan Mukund
studied at IIT Bombay (BTech) and Aarhus University (PhD).He has been a faculty member at Chennai Mathematical Institute since 1992, where he is presently Professor and Dean of Studies. His main research area is formal verification. In addition to the NPTEL MOOC programme, he has been involved in organizing IARCS Instructional Courses for college teachers. He is a member of ACM India’s Education Board. He has contributed lectures on algorithms to the Massively Empowered Classroom (MEC) project of Microsoft Research and the QEEE programme of MHRD.

Prof.S P Suresh studied at REC Trichy (MCA) and The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (PhD). He has been a faculty member at the Chennai Mathematical Institute since 2004, currently an Associate Professor. His main research interests are logic in computer science, formal methods for security and proof theory

Course certificate

  • The course is free to enroll and learn from. But if you want a certificate, you have to register and write the proctored exam conducted by us in person at any of the designated exam centres.
  • The exam is optional for a fee of Rs 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only).
  • Date and Time of Exams: 16 November 2019, Morning session 9am to 12 noon; Afternoon Session 2pm to 5pm.
  • Registration url: Announcements will be made when the registration form is open for registrations.
  • The online registration form has to be filled and the certification exam fee needs to be paid. More details will be made available when the exam registration form is published. If there are any changes, it will be mentioned then.
  • Please check the form for more details on the cities where the exams will be held, the conditions you agree to when you fill the form etc.

  • Average assignment score = 25% of average of best 6 assignments out of the total 8 assignments given in the course. 
  • Exam score = 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100
  • Final score = Average assignment score + Exam score

  • If one of the 2 criteria is not met, you will not get the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100.
  • Certificate will have your name, photograph and the score in the final exam with the breakup.It will have the logos of NPTEL and IIT Madras. It will be e-verifiable at nptel.ac.in/noc.
  • Only the e-certificate will be made available. Hard copies are being discontinued from July 2019 semester and will not be dispatched

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