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History of English Language and Literature

This course is a chronological survey of the major forces and voices that have contributed to the development of an English literary tradition. It intends to cover the literary ground from the Old English Period till the mid twentieth century focusing on the emergence, evolution and progress of English language and literature through different ages and periods. The course will showcase major literary moments, movements and events in the context of the social, political. religious and economic changes that shaped England and its history from the 5th century BC on wards. The objective of the course is to enable a critical understanding of the intellectual history of England and to equip the learners to analyse literary products within particular socio-historical contexts. 

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 Dr. Merin simi Raj teaches in the Dept.of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras.Her teaching and research interests include literary  historiography, Literary Criticism, Indian writing in English, Postcolonial literature and Narratives of marginality. 

Week 1: Introduction and Old English Period
Week 2: Middle English Period and Renaissance
Week 3: English Renaissance and Elizabethan Period
Week 4: The Age of Shakespeare
Week 5: The Restoration Age to Enlightenment
Week 6: Augustan Age
Week 7: The Romantic Age
Week 8: The Age of Wordsworth and Romantic poetry
Week 9: The Victorian Age
Week 10: The Rise of the Novel
Week 11:The Age of Modernism
Week 12: The Age of Postmodernism

An Outline History of English Literature – William Henry Hudson,The Cambridge Companion to Old English Literature – ed. Malcolm Godden and Michael Lapidge,History of English Literature, Fifth edition – Edward Albert,The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature – Pat Rogers, English Social History: A Survey of Six Centuries – Chaucer to Queen Victoria – G M Trevelyan,An Outline History of the English Language – Frederick T Wood,The Oxford English Literary History, Vol 12 / 1960-2000 – Randall Stevenson,A Critical History of English Literature (4 volumes) – David Daiches,The Routledge History of Literature in English, 2nd edition

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