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Introduction to Advanced Cognitive Processes


This course serves as a general introduction to the field of cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology is referred to as the scientific study of advanced mental processes, such as organization of knowledge, reasoning, decision-making, language, problem solving, emotion etc. Following up on the course on basic cognitive processes the current course will build up on how the basic mental processes like memory, attention & perception give rise to higher-level cognitive processes. I will also talk about the methods used in contemporary Cognitive Psychology to investigate how these higher mental processes are used to achieve the desired outcomes. Some of the lectures will be about making students abreast of recent research in each of these topics.

  • UG & PG Students interested in Psychology in General & Cognitive Psychology in Particular. Also, students interested in Cognitive Sciences will find this course useful. Professionals working in user interface designs will also find the material insightful.
CORE/ELECTIVE: Both Core & Elective.

UG/PG: Both UG & PG.


INDUSTRY SUPPORT: All industries engaging with human resources, user – interface design & consumer oriented goods may benefit from this course.

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I have done my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & English Literature from the University of Allahabad in 2007. After that I did my Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science at the Centre of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad in 2009. I joined the PhD program in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium in January 2010 & was awarded my PhD in 2014. I joined IIT Kanpur as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in May 2015.
My research lies in the field of Cognitive Psychology (Lateralisation, Symmetry Detection, Attention) & Psycholinguistics (Visual Word Recognition & Bilingualism).


Week 1  : Language
Week 2  : Knowledge & Mental Imagery
Week 3  : Reasoning & Decision Making
Week 4  : Problem Solving & Creativity
Week 5  : Individual Differences 
Week 6  : Cognitive Development
Week 7  : Expertise, Cognition & Emotion 
Week 8  : Cognitive Disorders


• Goldstein, B. E. (2010). Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience. 3rd Ed. Cengage Learning Inc.
• Quinlan, P. and Dyson B. (2008). Cognitive Psychology. 1st Ed.Pearson Education Ltd.
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