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System Design for Sustainability


Design for Sustainability is a design thinking process for widening the boundaries of the objective of design so as to contribute positively to sustainable development. It encompasses four approaches: 1. Selection of resources with low environmental impact; 2. Design of products with low environmental impact; 3. Product-Service System Design for eco-efficiency; 4. Design for social equity and cohesion. This course will discuss these Design approaches, methods and tools alongwith case examples

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INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Product/ Industrial Design and Manufacturing Companies System Design and R&D Industry Strategic Design Groups of Industry Industries interested in Sustainability

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Sharmistha Banerjee is working as Assistant Professor at Department of Design at IIT Guwahati. She did her bachelor in Industrial Design from IIT Guwahati and a master in Integrated Product Design from Technical University of Delft, Netherlands. Her PhD is under progress at IIT Guwahati in the domain of Design for Sustainability applied to agricultural machinery design. She is focused in the area of sustainable product & system development in a collaborative work environment. She has established the Sustainability and Social Innovation Lab alongwith her colleagues at Department of Design which is also part of the International Learning Network on Sustainability, a consortium of more that 150 global universities working in this domain


Week 1  :  Basics - What is sustainability, sustainable development and why do we need it?
Week 2  :  Basics - Evolution of sustainability within Design
Week 3  : Product Life Cycle Design – Methods & Strategies
Week 4  :  Product Life Cycle Design – Software Tools 
Week 5  :  Sustainable Product-Service System Design – Definition, Types & Examples
Week 6  :  Sustainable Product-Service System – Transition Path and Challenges
Week 7  :  Designing for Sustainable Product-Service System – Methods and Tools
Week 8  :  Designing for Sustainable Product-Service System – Methods and Tools
Week 9  :  Designing for Sustainable Product-Service System – Methods and Tools
Week 10  :  Other Design for Sustainability Tools and approaches
Week 11  :  Other Design for Sustainability Tools and approaches
Week 12  :  Design for Sustainability – Engineering Design Criteria and Guidelines


•   Vezzoli, C., Kohtala, C., Srinivasan, A., Xin, L., Fusakul, M., Sateesh, D. and Diehl, J.C.,2017.Product-service system design for sustainability. Routledge. [this is a copy-left bookavailable online] http://www.lens-india.org, http://www.lens-international.org [a copy-left bank of learning resources created by the International Learning Network in Sustainability]

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