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Contemporary Architecture and Design


The course will impart knowledge on the historical backdrop and trends of contemporary architecture. Discussion will happen on the major phases of contemporary architecture modernism and post-modernism. The salient features of both the phases of contemporary architecture will be detailed out with reference of relevant examples. These phases of architectural school of thoughts will also be extrapolated into the domain of visual design and fine arts,for a holistic  understanding. The course will help the students in genesis of critical thinking on architectural appreciation and formulating design vocabulary.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students and professional from the disciple of Architecture or equivalent domain


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Prof.Saptarshi Kolay is presently an Assistant Professor at Architecture and Planning department of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. After completing his under graduation in Architecture form Jadavpur University, he went on to explore User Centric design at Design Programme of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Along with teaching he is pursuing his PhD from the Department of Architecture and Planning, IIT-Roorkee. He was selected in student-exchange programme for Aalto University, Finland and Escola De Arte and Desino, Spain. He has received Rafiq Azam Travel Bursary, Yuva-Ratna award and has participated in Design workshop by MIT, Media lab. His current research interest includes gerontology, way-finding design, visual communication design and contemporary art and design, etc. He has conducted one NPTEL course, titled Visual Communication Design for Digital Media.


Week 1  : Preamble of Contemporary Architecture Architecture during Post Industrial Revolution Characteristics of Modern Architecture
Week 2  : Phases of Modern Architecture
Week 3  : Phases of Modern Architecture Characteristics of Post-Modern Architecture Phases of Post-Modern Architecture
Week 4  : Phases of Post-Modern Architecture Works of master architects from contemporary era
Week 5  : Phases of Modern Architecture ” Brutalism" Phases of Modern Architecture Metabolism Phases of Modern Architecture Late Modern Architecture Modernism in Visual Design Modernism in Industrial      Design
Week 6  : Genesis of Post- Modern Design Language Characteristics of Post-Modern Architecture and Design Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Historicism Phases of Post- Modern Architecture High-tech architecture Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Neo-modern
Week 7  : Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Critical regionalism Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Critical regionalism Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Deconstructivism Phases of Post- Modern Architecture Deconstructivism Postmodernism in Visual Design
Week 8  : Post-modernism in Industrial Design Works of master architects  Modern era Works of master architects Modern era Works of master architects Post- Modern era Works of master architects Post-       Modern era.

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  2. Gossel, P. (2005) Architecture in the 20th century, Vol- 1 & Vol 2, Taschen
  3. The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Phaidon Press, 2004
  4. Vidiella, A.S. (2008) The sourcebook of Contemporary Architecture, Harper Collins
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