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Principles of Vibration Control

About the course
Vibration is undesirable in most engineering systems. The ill effects of vibration include fatigue failure, severe damages due to resonance, malfunctioning of sensitive instruments/systems, loss of accuracy of workpiece due to vibration of machine tools, etc. This course will give a brief overview about the various strategies to control such vibrations in systems and principle behind them.

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Basics of Mechanical Vibrations

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Oil, Space, Manufacturing industries

Course instructor

Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya is currently Dr. Gurumukh D. Mehta and Veena M. Mehta Chair Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and joint faculty Design Programme, IIT Kanpur. His research interest primarily lies in vibration control, structural health monitoring, energy harvesting system, intelligent system design and Child-Reconfigurable Robot Interaction.

Course layout

Week 1: Introduction to Vibration control
Week 2:
Dynamic Properties and Selection of Materials
Week 3: Dynamic Vibration Absorbers
Week 4: Principles of Active Vibration Control

List of reference books
  • Principles of Vibration Control, A. K. Mallik, Affiliated East-West Press, India
  • Vibration Control of Active Structures, A Premount, Springer Publication.
  • Passive Vibration Control, Denys J. Mead, Wiley Publication
More details about the course

Course url: https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/noc17_me06
Course duration: 4 weeks
Start date and end date of course: 20 February 2017 - 17 March 2017
Date of exam:  23 April 2017
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