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Basic Electronics

About the course

The course is about basic electronic circuits, both analog and digital. In the analog part, diode circuits, BJT amplifiers, Op Amp circuits will be covered. In the digital part, combinatorial and sequential circuits will be covered. A unique feature of the course is extensive use of circuit simulation results in order to give a realistic picture of the circuit operation and waveforms. Assignments are designed to help the students to test their understanding of the concepts being covered. A circuit simulation package will be made available (as free download) to enable students to simulate circuits covered in the course and gain further insight in their functioning.

A basic course in electrical engineering (KCL, KVL, network theorems, AC analysis)

Intended Audience
Students from all engineering branches in which electronics is covered.B.E/B.Tech,M.Sc,

Is the course core/Elective ,UG/PG

Course instructor

Prof Mahesh B. Patil received his B. Tech. from IIT Bombay in 1984, MS from University of Southern California in 1987, and PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992, all in Electrical Engineering. He has worked as a faculty member at IIT Kanpur from 1994 to 1999, and at IIT Bombay from 1999 to date. His research interests are semiconductor devices and circuits simulation. He has been teaching electronics lab and theory courses for several years, and has written a book “Basic electronic devices and circuits” (PHI, 2013). He has also prepared course material in the form of presentations on various topics covered in electronics courses (www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~sequel). For his teaching efforts, he received an “Excellence in Teaching” award from IIT Bombay in 2012.

Course layout




Network theorems and phasors


RC/RL circuits with a piecewise constant source


Diode circuits


Diode rectifiers, BJT


BJT ampifier


Op-amp circuits


Op-amp circuits (continued), Bode plots


 Op-amp circuits (continued)


Op-amp circuits (continued)


Digital circuits (combinatorial)


Digital circuits (sequential)


ADC, DAC, 555 timer

Suggested Reading
1. J. Millman and A. Grabel,"Digital and analog circuits and systems," Wiley Eastern, 1987.
2. A. S. Sedra and K. C. Smith,"Microelectronic Circuits: Theory and Applications",Oxford University Press, 2014.

Certification Exam :

  • The exam is optional for a fee. Exams will be on 23 April, 2017.
  • Time: Shift 1: 9am-12 noon; Shift 2: 2pm-5pm
  • Any one shift can be chosen to write the exam for a course.
  • Registration URL: Announcements will be made when the registration form is open for registrations.
  • The online registration form has to be filled and the certification exam fee needs to be paid. More details will be made available when the exam registration form is published.


  • Final score will be calculated as : 25% assignment score + 75% final exam score
  • 25% assignment score is calculated as 25% of average of best 8 out of 12 assignments
  • E-Certificate will be given to those who register and write the exam and score greater than or equal to 40% final score. Certificate will have your name, photograph and the score in the final exam with the breakup. It will have the logos of  NPTEL and IIT Bombay . It will be e-verifiable at nptel.ac.in/noc.