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Greetings for the New Year. I am writing to you in connection with our IMAD course. As past students of the course, you are our most important ambassadors as we look to reach many more students for the next edition of the course. We hope you had a great experience during the course and will recommend the course to your friends and colleagues. 

Over the past year, we have seen more than 200,000 students take the course and learn technical skills that are extremely important in today's job market. Many of these students have gone on to get tech jobs and internships after completing the course. We would love more students from your college to take part in the upcoming course in February. Check out this article:  

We would be really grateful if you could forward this email to the students in your college so that we see more participation in the online course. 

Email Text to be forwarded in your groups: 
IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development) is a MOOC on how to build web/mobile applications offered by Hasura in partnership with IIT Madras. 

The course brings together a combination of theory and practice to convey the principles of building web/mobile applications. IMAD comes powered with video lectures, an app development portal for you to build your web application as you learn the concepts; as well as a discussion forum for peer-to-peer learning. 

IMAD comes with additional perks to make it a great course:
  • Hasura Product Development Fellowships to the top students from the IMAD course. This is an 8-week internship with Hasura where you will build your own app. 
  • IIT Madras certification is available after the course. The course will begin on Feb 5.
For more information about the course, follow us on social media, which will have regular updates about the course or check out the course website.  



Claim your DigitalOcean free credits & become an IMAD student ambassador


We are excited to inform you that we have revamped our social media pages to feature all our educational content under the banner of Hasura EducationHasura Education will be offering IMAD again from July 24, in partnership with NPTEL and IIT Madras. We are reaching out to all past IMAD students in case you are willing to become an IMAD student ambassador. The responsibilities and perks of becoming a student representative are detailed in this document. Please go through the document for more information. In case you are interested, please apply by filling out this google form. If you are selected, we will notify you by email. 

IMAD version 3.0 comes with additional perks to make it a great course:
  • As always, IIT Madras certification is available after the course.
Please share the information about the course with your friends or colleagues and help us reach more students. 

DO Credits: 
Our partner DigitalOcean has provided credits totalling $15 for the registered IMAD students. These credits are for you to help you build & deploy your applications. We've attached instructions on how to claim your free credits. Note that you do not need to create a project/droplet to claim your credits. You can use the credits whenever you're actually going to deploy your apps or make a project.

  1. Register on DigitalOcean, and create an account. Skip, if you've already registered.
  2. On your DO account, head to the billing section and click on add promo code.
  3. Your promo code: IMAD215
  4. Important notes:
    • Individuals/Companies are only eligible for one credit, and cannot utilise multiple credits even if the individual/company uses multiple accounts.
    • These credits will be valid only for those individuals/companies who have not availed DigitalOcean credits earlier 
Unless specified, there is no time limit on when you can use them, but make sure you claim the credits and add it to your account.


Followup - Send us your IMAD story


As a followup to the previous IMAD feedback mail, please find the links to the IMAD stories from past students. Some of these stories were featured in the media (Dailyhunt and Sheroes). People from many different walks of life shared their course journey with us: 

We are eagerly waiting for stories about your experiences during the course. Reach out to us on 


IMAD Offline Exam Results!

Hi all,

The results for the exams held on 26th March are out. You can check for your result at 
You'll be required to login by clicking the Exam Results Login button at the top right corner, use your NPTEL registered E-mail ID and Date of Birth (in DDMMYYYY format, for example, if it's 01/01/2001, the password will be 01012001) for logging in.

Please note-

  • If you are unable to view your result, please check again later as the results are still being uploaded.

Good Luck! :)

-IMAD and NPTEL Team

IMAD Course Completion Exam

Hi all, 

Students who have registered for the online exam can take the exam at this link - The form will be remain open till 12 pm, so that everyone has time to take the exam. 

Good luck! 


Reminder:Feedback for Introduction to Modern Application Development

Dear student

We are glad that you have attended the NPTEL online certification course.

We hope you found the NPTEL Online course useful and have started using NPTEL extensively.

In this regard, we would like to have a feedback from you regarding our course and whether there are any improvements, you would like to suggest.
We are enclosing an online feedback form and would request you to spare some of your valuable time to input your observations. Your esteemed input will help us in serving you better.

The link to give your feedback is :

We thank you for your valuable time and feedback.

Thanks & Regards,

Important Announcements

Hi all, 

Congratulations on completing the course! In this mail, we will clarify some of the queries that students have raised in the past few days. 

  • Regarding the Online Exam - This exam is going to be held for those students who could not register or appear for the IITM/NPTEL certification exam. The exam will count for 75% towards your final score in the course and will help you get a Course Completion certificate. The timing of the exam will be 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. tomorrow (Mar 31). In case some students have any difficulty in giving the exam at these hours, we can extend the deadline for submission of answers. The exam should not take more than a couple of hours. The exam will be a multiple choice question quiz, with no negative marking. 
  • Results for Final Exam & Certificates - The results for the March 26th exam and final certificates will be released in April. We will let you know the exact timelines soon. Please be patient. 
  • Internships for students- Students who are interested in applying for internships at Hasura post IMAD should fill out this form It will be a work-from-home, unpaid internship during the month of May-June. More details about the internships will be provided in a followup communication to the internship applicants.
Do reach out to us on the IMAD Facebook page for any queries. 


Clarifications about incorrect options in Final Exam

Hi all, 

There were issues in the options for two questions in the Final Exam. 

  • In Q.69 about correct HTML syntax, there was no correct option. The error was due to a </div> instead of a <div>. 
  • In Q.59 about invalid IP addresses, two options (B and C) are correct. Both and are invalid. 
We will assign a weight of 0 to Q.69 since there are no correct options and award 1 mark to all students who gave options B or C for Q.59. 
Thanks for pointing out these errors. We will make sure that the final score will reflect these changes in scoring. 


IMAD Course Completion Exam Registrations

Hi all, 

Congratulations on completing the course! We hope that students who wrote the IITM-NPTEL certification exam yesterday had a good experience. We are releasing the registration form for those students who could not take the exam for whatever reasons.

Please find the registration link here. The last date for registering for the exam is 29th March. (11:59 pm)  Students who had registered for this online exam earlier need not fill up the registration form again. 

There is no fee for this exam and you can take it from your home. Performance in this exam will carry 75% weightage for your final course score. The exam format is multiple choice questions with no negative marking. It will help you gauge your performance in the course and will give you a course completion certificate. The tentative date for the exam is Mar 31 (Friday). 

Please note that you won't be eligible for an IITM certification after writing this exam. 


Introduction to iOS development and Exam Preparation

Hi all, 

We have released one additional video today which covers basic concepts for developing iOS apps. It is a short video aimed at introducing the development lifecycle on iOS. The lecture can be viewed on youtube as well as the course page. The lecture slides are here.  

Please go over the entire January exam playlist before you appear for the March 26th exam. You do not need any other resources for the final exam. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions (only single correct answers) and will not have negative marking. 

Good Luck!

Important Information before Final Exam

Hi all,

We hope that all of you have watched the videos and finished all the assignments by now. The March 26 certification exam is around the corner. This mail will clarify some of the doubts that students have raised - 

  1. Deadlines for Assignment 4, 5 and 6 have passed. Sufficient notice was given to students and the assignments do not take much time to finish. We cannot extend the deadlines for the assignment as it will create a lot of confusion so close to the Final Exam. 
  2. There are no subjective assignments or programming assignments for the course. It is just an option in the Course Builder software that we use for the course. Don't worry about it. You will only be graded for the assignments and final exam. 
  3. Assignment 4, 5 and 6 solutions can be found here
  4. Final Exam pattern - The final exam will have 90 MCQ questions. There will not be any theoretical or subjective type questions. There is no negative marking in the exam. 
  5. Students do not need to refer to other textbooks in order to prepare for the final exam. You should go over the entire course playlist here and that should be sufficient preparation for the exam. 
  6. For those who can't take the IITM certification exam, we will conduct an online exam which will help you earn the course completion certificate. Registration form for the exam will be opened after March 26 and the dates for the online exam will be communicated to all students soon. 
We hope that this resolves most of the doubts that students had. Good luck for the exams!


Important Announcements

Hi all, 

As we begin the last couple of weeks of the course, we have the following updates for all students - 

  1. The final two videos for Android development have been released today. They cover details of building a blog app and deploying it to the PlayStore. It is more than an hour of new content and should be of immense value to someone looking to build an Android app. The videos can be found on the Week 6/7 playlist here and on the portal. 
  2. Several videos covering basics of iOS development will be released over the next couple of days. However, students will not be tested on iOS concepts in the assignments.
  3. Assignment 5 and Assignment 6 are both live on the portal. The deadline for submission of these assignments is 20th March, 11:59 pm. Please note that Assignment 4 is due tomorrow (15th March - 11:59 pm).
  4. The solutions for Assignments 4, 5 and 6 will be released on March 22
  5. Week 8 content is also live now. It is very light and has just one video covering the API economy. 
  6. The final score for the students in the course will be calculated on the basis of best four out of the six assignments and the final exam. The top 4 assignment scores out of the 6 will contribute 25% towards the final score for each student. 
Please reach out to us on discourse if you have any queries. 


Assignment 4 Deadline Extension

Hi all,

There was some confusion about the Assignment 4 deadline which was 5:30 p.m. instead of the usual 11:59 pm. This was an oversight on our part, because of which some students were unable to submit their assignment solutions. 

We have extended the Assignment 4 deadline by 2 days to 15th March (11:59 pm) in order to give the students a chance to finish the same. 

We will releasing more video lectures on Android and iOS shortly. The last week content will also be shared soon in order to give students more time to prepare for the final certification exam. 


Hall ticket for March 26th NPTEL Online Certification exams is now available for download.

Dear Candidate:

If you have registered for the March 26th  NPTEL Online certification exam, your Admit Card/ Hall ticket is now available inside your application form:

1. Please visit the link:

Login with your registered Google-enabled account email id (used to access the course on the portal and used for registering for the exam) and its password to access the link and click on March exams to download the hall ticket(s) for the March 26th exams, from the link.

2. You can also download it from the alternate link given below:

Please try to access both the links to download your hall ticket, if you are not able to find your hall ticket in both the links., kindly write to us at
Note: that you will be able to login here, only if you have a valid registration for exams on March 26th 2017.

Please download hall ticket, take a print out and along with a original ID card, carry it with you to the venue (The exam centre address is there in the hall ticket). Read all instructions given in the admit card/ hall ticket carefully and follow them.

Note1:- If you are writing 2 exams – Forenoon and Afternoon sessions, please ensure that you have downloaded 2 hall tickets which will be hosted inside the login.
In case of the any problems with the hall ticket kindly write to us


1. Change of shift, course, exam center, exam city will not be encouraged.
2. You will not be allowed to write the exam if you are showing up in the exam center which is not allocated to you by mistake or by intention.
3. Entry beyond 09:30 AM in FN and 2:30 PM in AN will not be entertained.
4. Candidates will not be allowed to write the exam without Hall ticket and proper id proof.

NPTEL Team wishes you the very best for the certification exam.

Thanks & Regards,
NPTEL team

Week 6 Lectures on Mobile Application Development are out!

Dear all, 

Apologies for the slight delay in releasing Week 6 lectures. However, we have a fresh set of lectures covering Mobile Application development. During this week and the next week's set of lectures, we will cover the basics of building both Android and iOS apps. These lectures on mobile development have been recorded by Jaison Titus, engineer at Hasura.

The lectures can be accessed through the NPTEL course portal as usual. The Youtube playlist for the week's content can be found here

Happy Learning!

Answer Keys for Assignment 1, 2 and 3.

Dear all, 

Please find the answer keys for the first 3 assignments at this link.  You can evaluate your performance by referring to the assignment questions on your course dashboard and checking the solutions from this sheet. 

New lectures on Mobile application development will be released tomorrow evening. The next two weeks will cover basics of developing and deploying Android and iOS apps. 

Happy Learning,

Week 5 lectures are out!

Hi all, 

This week we will be taking a look at security and best practices while building web-apps. The videos are out on the NPTEL portal and also available at this link on Youtube - 

Assignment 4 is also open now and the due date for the assignment is 13th March. Please note that we cannot extend the assignment deadlines. 

P.S. The solutions of Assignments 1, 2 and 3 will be released this week. 


Week 4 Lectures for Databases are out!

Hi all, 

The next set of videos for databases is out. This follows up from Week 3's introduction to databases. The assignment for Week 3 and Week 4 is the same and is already available. 

Week 4 content can also be viewed on the Youtube playlist here. (

Happy Learning, 

Last 1 week for Exam Registartion - Hurry up!!!

Dear student

The certification exam will be conducted at designated centres in the city chosen by you. You have to register for the exam by filling up the form, paying the exam fee and appear in person to get the certificate.

Register for the exam today at:

Exam registration form closes on 22 February 2017 at 10:00am.

For other details about exam registration, please check our previous announcement.

Type of exam: Online


You will have to appear at the allotted exam centre and produce your Hall ticket and Government Identification Card(Example: Driving License,Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-ID with your Name, date of birth, photograph and signature) for verification and take the exam in person. You can find the exam allotted exam center details in the hall ticket.

The questions will be on the computer and the answers will have to be entered on the computer; type of questions may include multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, essay type answers, etc

The hall ticket will be available for download tentatively around 15th March 2017.


The final score = 25% assignment score + 75% final certification exam score.

The final score will determine if you will/will not receive a certificate.

1. Final score < 40%: NO certificate
2. Final score between 40% -59%: Certificate of type "Successfully completing the course"
3. Final score between 60% -89%: Certificate with tag "Elite" printed at the top
4. Final score of 90% and above: Certificate with "Elite" tag and the gold medal printed on it.

The sample format is attached here for your reference:

​Photos of Toppers in every course are published on the website along with the name of the college/organization you belong to.

Click here to take a look at a sample page:

Best of luck for the exams.

- NPTEL team

Week 3 Content is out!

Hi all, 

The lectures for Week 3 covering an Introduction to Databases are out. This week covers basics of data modelling and introduction to databases, a critical component of any application. The Assignment for Week 3 is due on 27th February.

You can also check out the videos on the Youtube playlist at 

Happy Learning! 

IMAD Online Exam Registrations

Hi all, 

The registrations for the Online Exam are now open.  Please fill out this google form to confirm your registration - Please note the following details about the Online Exam - 

  • Date of the Exam -  March 27 
  • Cost of the Exam - Free
  • Location - Remote (you can take it from your home)
  • Certification - Students who successfully complete the course and clear the Online Exam will get a Hasura certificate affirming the same. 
  • Registration Window - Registrations for the Online Exam will be open till 22nd February (same as the offline exam) 
In case you have any queries, reach out to us on discourse and we will try to help you. 


P.S. Lectures for Week 3 will be available on Thursday (Feb 9). The deadline for Assignment 1 is Tuesday (Feb 7). Please make sure that you submit your answers before the deadline. :) 

Clarifications about NPTEL Exam and Online Exam

Hi all,

This is to clarify some of the doubts that students have raised. We have closed the online exam registrations for now in order to avoid confusion with the NPTEL exam registration process.

  1. The online exam mentioned in the previous email today is not an IIT certification exam.
  2. The NPTEL conducted exam, is an NPTEL + IITM certified examination that is proctored (supervised) and conducted online in test-centres across India.
  3. The online exam is a simple, unsupervised test that cannot be used as an NPTEL course completion certificate by IITM.
  4. The purpose of the online exam is for the students to measure their own performance during the course, since they were unable for whatever reason to appear for the NPTEL-IITM certification exam. It was introduced last year, due to student demand, for students who were unable to take the NPTEL proctored exam due to location/nationality/age/occupation issues. The purpose of this 'online exam' is not a certification and it is not a substitute to the NPTEL exam.
  5. The online exam is not an alternative to the NPTEL exam and hence it is not possible to replace your registration for the certified NPTEL exam with this free online exam. For students who have already registered for the official NPTEL exam, there is no option to "convert" to the online exam. Hence it is not possible to obtain a refund for the NPTEL exam registration and switch to the online exam. We apologize for any confusion regarding the same.
  6. The online exam registrations have been closed for now. Further information about the online exam will be released after the registration window for the NPTEL exam closes. 
  7. The registration for the online exam will be reopened at a later date and the students who have already registered today need not register again. 
Once again, to make it clear, we recommend that you register for the NPTEL exam since it will be held in centres across the country, will be proctored, and carries significant value. For those students unable to take the NPTEL exam for various reasons and not interested in the NPTEL-IIT certification, the online exam will be held at a later date. 



Dear Student:

Here is the much-awaited announcement on registering for the March 2017 certification exam. The registration for the certification exam is only open to students who have enrolled in the course.

Registration is open from 2nd FEBRUARY 2017 (Thursday) until 22nd FEBRUARY 2017 10:00 AM (Wednesday). 

The certification exam registration URL is:

(If you want to register for the exam for this course, login here using the same email id used to enroll to the course)

Dates of exam: 26th March 2017(Sunday) 
[Forenoon-Shift 1/Afternoon Shift 2] (You can choose any one shift according to your convenience for writing the exam). You can register for a maximum of 2 course exams (same day of exam – 2 sessions. Same exam city will be allocated for both the sessions) through this form.

Exam Session time: Shift 1 - 9.00AM -12.00PM ; Shift 2 - 2.00PM - 5.00PM
Examination Cities: The exam is to be conducted in several cities across India whose list is available on the registration form.

Click here to access the list of exam cities:

 Registration fees: Rs 1000/-
(Students belonging to the SC/ST category can avail a 50% fee waiver - please select Yes for the SC/ST option and upload the correct Community certificate)

Mode of payment:  Online payment - debit card/credit card/net banking.


The hall ticket will be available for download tentatively between 12 -16th March 2017. We will confirm the same through an announcement once it is published.

Final score on certificate: 
25% of assignment score + 75% of certification exam score.
Award of certificate:  Hard and soft copy of Certificate will be awarded only to those candidates who register for the exam, attend the certificate examination and whose Final score > 40%

The final score, assignment score and exam score will be printed on the certificate. The certificate will also have a link to the NPTEL website (, where on logging in, your scores and e-certificate will be available for verification  (Appropriate announcements will be made). Please do regularly submit assignments to get a good final score.


1) FOR CANDIDATES WHO WOULD LIKE TO WRITE MORE THAN 1 COURSE EXAM:- Once the registration form is submitted after payment, no changes like adding or removing the chosen course, exam shift, city is possible. So, if you are choosing to write 2 course exams, please choose suitably and 
make the payment for both courses at the same time. It is not possible to pay later for the second course. Once the payment is made, the registration form will be non-editable.

Students who have got scholarship via NPTEL local chapter can opt to pay individually using the above form. While doing so, the reduced fee will automatically apply.

There are 2 modes of operation:

Option 1

1. You will pay fees to your SPOC.

2. Your SPOC will pay the fees to NPTEL on your behalf and also will provide us all details including photo, signature.

3. We will populate all the fields in the exam form.

4. Your responsibility will be to come to the exam form and verify that the details in the exam form are correct.

Option 2

1. In the exam form, you will fill all the details and also upload photo, signature.

2. Ensure that you had selected your college name correctly from the drop-down list in the form.

3. Payment of exam fees - click on the tab - 'PAY VIA SPOC'.

The SPOC has to now confirm to NPTEL that he/she will pay fees on your behalf.

If the SPOC says NO, you will be intimated via email.

Then it becomes your responsibility to come back to the exam form and make the payment.

If you do not pay the exam fees within the prescribed time, you will not be able to write the exam.

After submitting the form, in case you wish to change the name, date of birth, address, photo and signature Please login to and make the changes till February 22, 2017.

The following data initially submitted cannot be changed –email id, course selected, shift, exam city, SC/ST. For changes in this email us at giving your Application number, email id and name. No changes will be entertained in these details after February 22 2017.

Thanks & Regards,


Don't Stop Now (a note for beginners) & this week's heavy content!

Dear all,

This week's content (very heavy on practicals) is live. You can find them on the course page once you log in to the NPTEL portal with your registered IMAD email. You can also check out the entire Youtube playlist for Week 2 here. Modules P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 will solidify your theoretical understanding and help you see what the internals of a webapp actually are and how they are built! 

Assignment 2 is also live. The last day for completing Assignment 2 is 16th Feb. Assignment 1 submission date is 7th Feb and those who haven't yet gotten around to doing it should attempt it soon. 

This week's content covers a lot of concepts, and for non-programmers or non-software engineers things might get difficult. However, doing these practical exercises yourself is not vital to complete this course. 

Even if you watch the instructors coding live through the video, you will get a very real feel for how things work. Watch the practical videos this week and when we return to lighter theoretical modules next week with easy non-coding practical exercises you will feel comfortable again.

For programmers who are just beginners, or new to nodejs, git etc, please don't be worried if you can't keep up with the speed and do all the things done on the practicals within a few days. The reason the practicals are not mandatory to the completion of the course is that it takes a lot of time to get familiar in a hands-on way and you should just use these practical modules as a starting point to begin your journey.

Once again, to be able to complete this course, and get an end-to-end understanding of modern apps doing these practicals yourself in a few days is not important. Understanding these practicals is important though! Watch the videos, complete the assignments and you will emerge from this course far more knowledgable than when you started.

Please feel free to reach out to us on the discourse forum, or on twitter @IMAD_mooc for any discussions, doubts and for updates! As our friends in Karnataka say, "Ask Madi" :)


Last day to register for IMAD 2017!

Hi all, 

January 30 is the last day to register for IMAD. Students can register for the course here. Please forward this mail to your friends, classmates or anyone who you feel might benefit from the course and haven't signed up yet. Help us spread the word. :) 

We will be releasing the videos for the 2nd week's lectures on Feb 1. The deadline for submission of Assignment 1 is Feb 7. 

Students are encouraged to use the discourse forum for clarifying course-related doubts. Do follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. 


IMAD 2017 - Important Information and Guidelines

Hi all,

IMAD-2017 is now officially open and the lectures for the first week are out. 
The registrations for the course are still not closed and the last day to register is January 30. If you know someone who might find the course useful, please invite them to register soon and help us reach as many students as possible. 

Please find below some information and recommendations about the course: 

Important links for the course:
  1. To watch your lectures, sign in to NPTEL:
  2. The YouTube playlist for Week 1 lectures is here:
  3. All discussions will be in here:
  4. Course slides are available here:

About the videos:
  • Once you login to NPTEL, you should be able to see the videos on the left panel, under Course Outline> Introduction to the Internet
  • Youtube is the best place for you to watch the videos in the right order. 
Regarding questions and discussion:
  • Please only use the discourse link given above for all discussion. As the interface is easier to manage, we prefer discourse as the forum, and the IMAD team will come in and answer questions on this forum. Unfortunately the discourse software cannot handle too much load and we're working with their team to see if we can address this. If you aren't able to access discourse, please do check back in a few minutes, but do make sure you ask your questions and have them answered! 
  • Before you ask a question, please check if anyone else has asked a similar question, and if so, vote up that question (by clicking on "Like"). This way our team can answer the most pressing questions first. 
  • You can tag Admin or Moderators to your question if you need some help. This is the list of moderators for the course -
  • Participate in as many discussions, answer queries from your fellow course mates, create discussion topics, learn and contribute! We're very happy to see that a few of you are already contributing very positively to the learning experience!
Enjoy the course! 


Week 1 Content is live!

Dear Student,
Welcome to IMAD 2017. We're happy to have you with us. 
Please note that the week 1 content is now live on the portal, including a practical. Please start watching the videos.

  • You are advised to go through the videos one by one, take your time to understand what the teacher is trying to say. (It'll be very easy though).
  • Please make sure to clear your doubts on the forum.
  • Also, please read the rules and guidelines. It may take a while for you to understand the NPTEL dashboard and the forum, it's totally okay, take your time. You can do it! :)
We wish you all the very best as you start this exciting journey of knowledge and learn stuff you never thought would be so easy to. ^_^
Happy Learning!

-IMAD & NPTEL team 

Welcome to the course Introduction to Modern Application Development

Dear student

Welcome to NPTEL Online Courses and Certification!

Thank you for signing up for our online course Introduction to Modern Application Development . We wish you an enjoyable and informative learning experience.

The course will begin on January 23 2017. When content is released on the portal, you will get an email alerting you. Please watch the lectures, follow the course regularly and submit all assessments and assignments before the due date. Your regular participation is vital for learning.

We will open registration for the exam as soon as the course starts. A form has to be filled and the certification exam has a fee, which needs to be paid at the time of registration. Everyone who has signed-up for the course, including those who do not register for the exam, will continue to have access to the course contents.

There are two sections on the portal apart from the course content and assignment sections:
  • The announcement list which will only have messages from course instructors and teaching assistants - regarding the lessons, assignments, exam registration, hall tickets etc.    
  • The discussion forum which is for everyone to ask questions and interact, the course instructor/TA will respond to your queries- Forum is divided into categories like admin, week 1, week 2,..........and so on.
  • If you have any questions regarding the exam, registration, hall tickets, results, etc can be posted under the admin section and queries related to the technical content in the lectures, any doubts in the assignments - please post under each week appropriately.

Details regarding the course: 
Name of the course: Introduction to Modern Application Development
Course url:
Course duration : 08 weeks
Date of exam :  26 March 2017
  • Time of exam : Shift 1: 9am-12 noon; Shift 2: 2pm-5pm
  • Any one shift can be chosen to write the exam for a course.
Final List of exam cities will be available in exam registration form.
Exam registration url - Will be announced shortly

Once again, thanks for your interest in our online courses and certification. Happy learning.

- NPTEL team